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Enter Ba'chołitsog

An Apache man, Ba'chołitsog, 23 years of age, waited by the train tracks with a giant pack on his back. As the ground began to rumble from the oncoming train he quickly hid in the brush. When he saw opportunity, he ran to the train, grabbed a ladder, climbed and went into one of the back carriages of the train. He took a seat and contemplated on what brought him to this.

He had been let go from numerous jobs. Being out of work, and with the rent due soon, he had no choice but to move out. He had heard of a place called Angel Falls. He figured that with a name like that his luck was bound to change, at least initially. He sold all the furnishings he did not need, sold his house and packed his games, game systems, movies, books, laptop, and anything else he needed and could fit in his pack. He decided to hitch a ride on the train because he checked the prices for a ticket and they were expensive. Though he would still have some money left over, he discovered that if he hitched a ride he would have plenty of money left over after renting an apartment in Angel Falls that he found online. It was going for a good price, which surprised him due to how nice the place looked.

Once the train arrived at Angel Falls, Ba'chołitsog got off unnoticed and remained so until he got into town. Once there, he decided to do some looking around before he got to his new apartment. He some food places, a department store, and a hobby store, but what caught his eye was what looked like some kind of antique store, smack dab in the middle. He entered it to see what kind of valuables it had.

Once inside, he saw that is seemed rather small, but nevertheless had wooden shelves filled with different sorts of relics and collector’s items. He also saw an old Chinese man, one who looked very much like a racist caricature straight out of an old movie, right down to his Fu Manchu, at the counter.

“So, what brings you here, Rez?” the old man asked in a thick Chinese accent.

“Jeez, could you be any more of a stereotype?” Ba'chołitsog grumbled. It had not been the first time someone referred to him as “Rez.” He guessed that he really did look like he came straight from a Reservation despite being born in a city.

“What was that?” the old man questioned.

“Uh nothing, I just came here for a better life,” Ba'chołitsog answered.

“Oh, and what was so bad about your old life?”

Ba'chołitsog took a breath, then he explained, “I’ve been let go from numerous jobs. I thought ‘new city, new opportunities,’ you know?”

“There is more to this story though, isn’t there?”

Ba'chołitsog usually didn’t discuss much personal stuff with strangers but for some reason, he trusted the old man. “Yes, I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but it helps to have an open ear to tell your troubles to sometimes, right? Anyway, my job performance was always average. All of my co-workers had a job performance of above average at the worst. My employer would hire too many employees and I was always the one that got let go, didn’t need mere average on the team. Say, I’m telling you all this and we don’t even know each other’s names. What do they call you old man?”

"They call me Lam Marot,” the old man said.

“What kind of a weird name is that?”

“It’s the name they call me.”

“Okay, okay, so what do you call yourself?”

“Zhao Chien, and you?” he gestured. Then he grabbed something from underneath the counter on put it on top.


“I think you need this, Rez.”

Zhao Chien displayed a container of some sort. Ba'chołitsog examined it closely. There was a vial in the center, and on the sides were two very snake-like dragons that formed the infinity symbol. One with a good enough eye could tell you that the dragon on the left was male while the dragon on the right was female.

“It’s called ‘Dragon’s Breath’, but the Greeks know it as ‘The Kiss of Tiresias.’ Very valuable.”

“What exactly is this supposed to do?”

“It will unlock the potential you have hidden within you, allow you to become anything you want, fulfill your destiny!” Zhao Chien announced.

“Really?” Ba'chołitsog asked with skepticism.

“No, it just smells really good. So you want it?”

“How much are you offering it for?”

“No money.”

“No price?”

Zhao Chien told Ba'chołitsog, “Oh, everything has a price.”

“Okay, what’s the catch?”

“No catch, I was messing around. This thing has been taking up space for too long, can’t sell it to anyone. I figure I just give it away to the next person who comes through the door, which happened to be you.”

“Huh, thanks,” Ba'chołitsog opened the vial and took a whiff. The fragrance smelled odd and made his nostrils feel as if they were burning. His vision became blurred as it felt like the room was spinning. “What the hell was in that thing!?” he exclaimed.

Zhao Chien morphed into a demon as he chuckled and spoke, “I can’t believe how easy that was. I even gave you my name: Toram Mal.”

“What are you?” Ba'chołitsog asked as he wobbled toward Toram Mal.

“A demon, and you are a fool who will learn that there is a price to pay for everything.”

Ba'chołitsog fell on the floor as he lost consciousness. When he came to he was on the sidewalk. He went back into the store only to find it was completely empty, no signs or anything. He wondered if his experience was merely a dream. He shook it off and headed to Angel Flats, where his new apartment was. He and the landlord has a small discussion as they went to his new room.

“So, why was the room at such a good price?” Ba'chołitsog inquired.

The landlord couldn’t bring himself to lie so he said, in a Welsh accent, “Oh, it’s pretty bad news. I don’t think you want to hear it.”

Ba'chołitsog insisted, “Look, I’ve had my share of my bad news. Trust me, nothing you say could possibly change my mind.”

The landlord began opening the door. “Oh, there was a murder here some time ago.”

Ba'chołitsog took a moment to register this. “Eh, doesn’t change my mind a bit. I doubt it could bring any more bad luck than I already have.”

“Thank you for not changing your mind. You’re braver than most I’ve come across.”

They parted ways as Ba'chołitsog entered the room. He set his pack down and started bringing everything out and put them in the proper place. He connected all his game systems to the TV, put the handhelds in a drawer, and put his video games, Blu-rays, and DVDs in the cabinets. He set his laptop on the desk. He put all the toiletries he brought in the bathroom. Lastly, he took a moment to appreciate that the room had pretty much everything he need and truly was nicely furnished.
So here is the first story for my :iconangel-fallsda: OC, Ba'chołitsog. This is just Part 1. Part 2 will need some work, and assistance.

Ba'chołitsog belongs to me
Toram Mal belongs to :iconsebastianssire: who helped me with this story along with :iconlonestranger:
kenfusion45 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016
Beware of strangers bearing gifts? :( Looking forward to the next part.
TheRealYuma Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
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