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Name: Lilian Thundermoon

Age: 51

Gender: Female

Cup Size: FF

Race: Succubus (Apache in human form)

Hair Color: blonde (in human form)

Eye Color: Violet (brown in human form)

Height: 6' 07"

Personality: kind

- Can transform form at will due to being a succubus
- extremely powerful magical abilities
- Flight thanks to demon wings
- can use her tail as a whip

Likes: fry bread, haggis, Inuit dishes, white hot chocolate, cartoons, manga, movies


Occupation: Retired (former accountant at a city government building)

Living relatives: Mother-in-law (the one Yuma calls Shiichoo (currently deceased), Yuma Thundermoon (son), Yuna Thundermoon (daughter), Nalin (distant cousin), Nilche Lizhen Thundermoon (daughter), Lilith (adoptive granddaughter), Lilura (estranged twin sister)

Friends: Róise

Back story: Lilian was born to an aristocratic family of Hell. After years of the family line seeing the barbarous conditions that ruled Hell they could sit idly by no longer. Several male members challenged for the right to rule, but this was just a distraction so that the rest of the family could not be detected in their escape.

Lilian was just a 14 year-old at this time. She ended up on Earth, but amongst a tribe of Blonde Inuit on their Reservation. She changed into a human form that matched their appearance. They took her in and taught her what they knew. She even learned their language.

At age 18, she moved, modified her appearance to look Apache, though she kept the blonde hair, and met Yuma’s father. They dated and were soon married.

At age 36, Lilian became pregnant with her first child, Nilche Lizhen Thundermoon. Unfortunately, not too long after the baby was delivered, she disappeared. Lilian was sure that she was kidnapped, but the police and the Demon Hunters were never able to conclude where.

At age 37, Lilian was pregnant again. It was during a sonogram that her and her husband learned of a curse that had befallen their son, Yuma. Every time someone mentioned the name “Yuma” in his presence, he would turn into the werewolf, Yuna.

After Yuma Thundermoon was born, his grandmother would tell him stories about his demon-hunting great-grandfather. Fearing what could happen to him if he became a Demon Hunter, Lilian and her husband told Yuma that these stories were just stories.

On the day that her husband died, Lilian was forced to leave town as her twin sister, Lilura, had been committing crimes in her name. She even managed to attract the attention of the Demon Hunters. For years, she was gone, fearing what could happen to her.

At the age of 50, she finally returned home to both Yuma and Yuna Thundermoon, she learned everything about Yuma. However, she had returned to see Lilura claiming to be her, yet again. Thankfully, Yuma managed to kill his evil aunt.

Lilian even rejoined with her first child, Nilche Lizhen, who had adopted a child of her very own, Lilith.
I thought it would be a good idea to have a profile for Yuma's succubus mother. Still not sure what to make her hair color in her succubus form. Also, yes, Yuma gets his height from his mother's side.

If You Can Fav. . . 
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