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Max Karson: The Randinpyre Case

Max Karson got up and dressed, and saw that Gordon wasn't in the lower bunk so he went to see him at the Supervisor's Station. He saw him and asked "So, any new cases?" "Well, there is this one." Gordon clicked on a tab and a case description showed up. "Huh?" Max started reading it. "The witches heard about you and specifically requested you. I told them to give me a description." Max then yelled "What!? I'm not a freakin' babysitter! Besides, it's at an all girls school. Call them and tell them no." Gordon replied "Max, you remember the oath." He said "Yeah, but come on. Why can't Lani do it?" Gordon told him "Max, they specifically requested YOU, YOU. YOU haven't been specifically requested for a while. Besides, Lani's already working a case. It's got something to do with killing some Amazon demoness." Max thought about it, but it didn't take him long to say "All right, I'll pack up my stuff." "And I'll be right behind you," Gordon said.

The destination was Randinpyre, England. It's supposed to be on a great mountain. He asked some locals where the mountain was and he got some answers, several mountains, so while driving around Gordon did some research and used the sensors on the Watchman to look for a magic barrier, field, or portal throughout the area. He found one on Sca Fell and Max drove to it. Now an ordinary car wouldn't be able to scale a mountain, but Max's was built by the SNRA. It has a transforming function that made it turn into a robot that looks like a Generation 1 Tranformers robot.

When he got through the portal he couldn't believe what he saw. "Wow." It look like a medieval town from an anime or Japanese video game. He turned his car back to normal and asked around where Vycena Aureua School was. He only had to ask one person to get the answer.

Max was listening to Hey Pachuco! on the way and had the volume up pretty loud. Before he got in the school area Gordon yelled to him "HAAAAAAAALT!" Max stomped on the brake and turned his music down. "What is it?" Max asked. "You almost went through a magic field," Gordon answered. "How close am I to it?" "You had split second timing there. Even a millisecond later your nose would be right in it." Max grew scared, started chattering his teeth, and leaned back. Then he went to the back of his car and got out his gender changing pills. He took one and was turned into a woman. Maxine said "Too bad I don't really have anything better to wear." She then parked somewhere and went to see the principal.

The plaque on the wall read "Miriam Hygan." "You called?" Maxine asked her. "Yes, and you'll have to get used to this new body," she answered. "I was like this before I got through the field. I'll just be a man again after this case is done and then I'm outta here," Maxine replied. Principal Miriam then told her "Well anyway, before you go let me explain the rest. You are to pose as a teacher's aid, an intern, and you are to protect these three girls." She showed Maxine photos of the girls. "Hannah Weinger, Aurora Arizmenda, and Izanami Hanazumi." Maxine asked "What makes them so special?" "Hannah can fire rays of light that can obliterate anything, we're teaching her how to control it, Aurora can create force fields that can contain anything, we're teaching her to control this, and Izanami can locate people by their psyche as well as read it. With their powers combined they can be a deadly force. Lucky for you they all take the same classes at the same time and are great frieds," Principle Miriam explained. "But before you go," she went to the closet and got out a uniform. It looked similar to a flight attendant's uniform. Part of it was also nylons and high heels. "All teacher's and interns must wear it. "Fine. And do you have any bras that are my size? Heh heh." Pricinpal Miriam made one her size appear in her hands. She also turned her underwear into panties. Maxine deicded to think nothing of it. She took the uniform and bra and headed to the changing room.

After she got it on her cleavage was still showing. Principal Miriam asked "Do you really think that's appropriate?" "Look, I tried to get these things covered, and you can try too, but it's like they beg to be shown." Principal Miriam thought for a short moment and decided to let Maxine dress with her cleavage showing. She gave her a clipboard with paper on it for authenticity and so she can use it to conceal her cleavage. Maxine took it, Principal Miriam told her where she needed to go, and she went there. When she started walking away though, she felt weird and put her hand over her stomach. "Oh man." "What's wrong?" Principal Miriam asked. "I just feel weird in my stomach like..." "Like you're bloated?" "Yeah, I think it was those chili dogs I had on the way over here." After that Maxine left the office.

After she entered the classroom she told the teacher "I'm Maxine, a new intern, teacher's aid." She winked at her. She realized what she really was and came there. Maxine took a seat in the back and wrote down any enemy movement that happened. Unfortunately, there was no enemy movement.

When lunchtime came Maxine was eating with three people: Abha Lahari, Mae Whitson, and Valmira Ajeti. They were just conversating when Maxine said "Ugh, man, I still feel bloated." "Shouldn't you be at home dealing with your period?" Abha asked. "It can't be a period." Maxine interjected. "What are you worried about? It's only natural," Mae told her. Maxine told Mae  "Shut up." "Will you stop making it a big deal. You-" "Shut up!" Maxine took out one of her guns and yelled "Now quit talking about it or I'll blow up everyone in here!" Everyone stared at her but nobody did anything. After a moment she put her gun away and started crying. "I'm sorry, I just can't believe it. This isn't who I am and I-" after that it turned into gibberish. "See, it is your period," Valmira told her. "I'll find out now if that is true," Maxine said. She went to the bathroom, did her business, and found blood in her urine. Upon seeing it she said softly "No, no" and screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The lady in the stall next to her told her "I know, it sucks so much you just have to scream."

Maxine went to Principal Miriam's office and said "Hi, um, I have a big favor to ask of you." "What is it?" "Can you make my period go away?" Maxine answered. "No." "What?" "Look, this tampering with the body's natural state wouldn't have a good reason to justify it. You're just afraid that if you accept this then you'll accept everything about being a woman, like it, and never go back. Well I'll have you know some of the faculty here were once guys, but then they decided to stay as women," Principal Miriam explained. "Yeah, well I'm not like them. I know who I am and this isn't it," Maxine replied. "Look, why don't you just take the day off and stay in the quarters we've prepared for you," Principal Miriam suggested. "All right." She told Maxine where it was, in the boarding area. That area is used for girls that want to attend the school as if it were a boarding school.

Maxine was watching Venture Bros. on her iPod and had a specially designed sniper rifle ready while Gordon continued surveilling the school. No enemies came though.

The next day the first thing Maxine did was go see the fortune teller that Principal Miriam told her about. Her name is Safira. When Maxine was in her office she asked her "What exactly is the evil that dangers those girls I have to protect?" She answered while using her crystal ball "I can't make it out exactly but I see an evil long since past brought back by its minions." "That's all." "That's all, let me get out my crystal prism." "Crysral prism?" Safira explained. "Yes, it's the most powerful of fortune telling objects." She got out her crystal prism and tried but she got the same thing. "Huh? This is strange I'm getting the same thing. Something is blocking my powers." "Well, thanks for the trying. See ya later," Maxine told her. Then she left.

The results that day were the same as the one before, nothing. However, while walking to her car Izanami asked Maxine "You're lonely aren't you?" "I'm not-" "Don't try to lie. I can read peoples' psyches and yours feels kinda sad." Maxine felt degraded. "I have an idea. Can I stay with you tonight?" Izanami asked. "Well... why not? As long as it's okay with your parents." "All right." Izanami told Maxine how to get to her parents' house and she drove her there. She came out with a bag of stuff and Maxine drove her to her quarters.

After Izanami was done with her homework they had fun. They watched a few episodes of Full House, Mucha Lucha, Samurai Jack, Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, and Sister, Sister. After that they played a couple of video games: Boogie, Rayman Raving Rabbids, a music video game with Cruel Summer by Bananarama on it, Singstar, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The both of them had a really fun time and before they knew it, it was bedtime. Izanami took her bath and put her pajamas on. "Hey Maxine, I still sleep with my parents. Is it OK if I sleep with you?" "Of course." Izanami jumped onto her bed and they sleep together, but before they fell asleep Izanami told Maxine "My mom usually reads me a bedtime story before bed. Could you-" "Sure, did you bring anything?" "Of course, they're in my bag." Maxine went to it and found a book that had the entire collection of Brothers Grimm fairy tales. She didn't really care for them so she tossed the book aside, went to her bedroom and looked through her collection. She chose Bedtimes Stories To Tell Your Kids by Yuma. She hopped on her bed and read to Izanami.

"The Western Savior. There was once an Apache traveler named Rama. He travelled all over the Earth. During one of his travels to Japan he had heard that Emperor Yamanata was calling for any man that could travel to the lair of the Yamata no Orochi, destroy it, and rescue his daughter Yachiko. A tournament would decide who would go. Rama signed in and won with his resourcefulness. He travelled far to reach the monster's lair but he eventually came to it. The monster had the princess in a cage. It took a lunge at him with its middle head but he cleaved it off with his tomahawk. It had the jawbone of a horse on it. While the beast was retaliating he unlocked the cage with his knife and handed it to the princess. With both forces working together they brutally murdered the Yamata no Orochi. While on the way back they had many sparring matches. Impressed with one another's fighting skills they fell in love. When Princess Yachiko was back she asked her father if she could marry Rama and he agreed. They lived happy lives after that and taught their children which fighting styles the wanted to learn: the Apache or the samurai."

Izanami was almost completely asleep after hearing this tale. She told Maxine "This was really fun. If my parents were to die I would like it if you became my new mommy." Maxine replied to that with "Me too."

The next morning Maxine and Izanami woke up and dressed, had breakfast, brushed their teeth, and Maxine walked with Izanami to the main building. Later that day Maxine finally got the action she wanted. There were three demons riding huge wyverns came flying towards the school. The teacher told everyone to stay inside and that Maxine would take care of it. She went outside to where they were heading, pulled out a gun and started shooting at them, but her bullets were doing no damage. "Crap." She opened the window and asked the teacher "Do you have any weapons around here that might do damage to them?" She answered "There is Vycena's sword that the statue in front holds. You shouldn't have a problem getting it out, only a pure maiden can remove it." "I've got no other options," Maxine said. While she went to the front to remove the sword the teacher told her students "Come on girls, we have to buy Maxine some time." They all went out the window after that. One girl asked "Why weren't we told she was a bodyguard?" "We didn't want anyone to worry," the teacher answered.

Maxine managed to remove the sword. "This is not a good sign," she thought to herself. She went to where the demons were coming to and stalled to think of what to do. "You can shoot sword beams out of it. Just focus," the teacher told her. The attacks on the demons continued as Maxine began to focus. Then she threw several swipes and with one hit, obliterated the demons and gargoyles. Later, Maxine collected her fee and asked Principal Miriam where the thing that the demons were looking for is. She lead her below the basement floor. There they found a coffin. Principal Miriam explained its history to Maxine. "In there is the skeleton of Kragir. He once tried to take over this town but Vycena defeated him and his army with no one but herself and her small band friends. They succeeded but he was not completely destroyed so they buried him here, under they school they had built." Maxine opened it up and took one slash on the skeleton. It was disintegrated in a white light. "Now you shouldn't have anymore problems unless those were just flunkies working for a bigger person."

After that Maxine put Vycena's sword where it belongs and left the town. She thought to herself "It feels so good not to have to wipe anybody's mind for a change." Principal Miriam was talking with Safira. She asked her "So did you see what Max's future will be?" The answer to that was "Well actually, I could not see one ending to Max's adventures. There was many possible endings. It was unclear to me what the true ending will be. Why he could end up with a nice girl or even end up being Izanami's adoptive mother, in which case he'd permanently become a woman. The possibilities are endless."

When Max was at the SNRA he went to his quarters to think about a new problem. "Ok, I was having fun with a little girl in my female form. What the fuck? I am a man. I shouldn't of had so much fun. And then what I said ugh. I'm just going to pretend I never said that. How is this possible." Shortly the answer came to him. "Of course, all that merely happened was that I felt like a parent, nothing more and nothing less so the fact that I was a woman there means nothing."
Finally complete. Sadly, this will be the last Max Karson adventure from me for a while.
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happytan Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2010   Writer
That was an interesting read, gotta say. Sad though Maxine didn't become the mother, but hey, at least they had a lot of fun together (they did a lot for one night wow). :3
TheRealYuma Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the fav. And you know you could always make a story where she does.
SHarles25 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2009
I have no problem you take your time to make a new story about Max, as long you plan to continue the adventures!

This episode was like a cookie, i ate it all without problem ;)
SHarles25 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2009
Ooh, how they did all that in a single night??!
They are true cauch potatoes :D
SHarles25 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2009
wow, she now have period.. this mean he been about maybe about a month in this state..
I mean, everytime he turn into a woman it stack, and at the end when you add all the time he been a girl its like he as been a girl for that much time..
I know I am also confused ;)

For the mountain, I don't know.. There is hundred of thousand montains here in Canada, but I don't know with one to guive referance to :S
TheRealYuma Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I've found one. Sca Fell.
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