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Max Karson and the Kitsune Klub

It was a peaceful day for Max Karson. He finally had some vacation time, a break from fighting the evils of the supernatural and paranormal. He decided to vacation in Tokyo ,Japan. A little bit after he got off his flight he heard a couple of guys talking to each other. "So who do you think is responsible for those murders?" "Well it's hard to say, though I doubt it was only one person." "Yeah, you're probably right about that." "Murders? Huh?" Max thought.

Max checked in at Cerulean Tower Hotel. He went into his room and unpacked his stuff. He brought a Watchman with him because of the strange things that the SNRA heard about Japan. "Man, I can't believe SNRA made me take you with me," Max told Gordon via Watchman. "Look on the bright side. As long as you go twenty-four hours without running into something supernatural or paranormal you'll get to deliver this baby back and I can go home," Gordon replied. "Yeah. Well, time to take in some sights." The Watchman hid from sight.

After Max Karson saw 5 of Tokyo's tourist attraction's (none of them Disneyland) he found a house with a sign in front of it. "The Kitsune Klub. Female members only." He decided to see what this club was exactly but there were no windows so he made a peephole. He found a bucnh of incredibly sexy ladies with what appeared to be fox ears and fox tails (they all only had one) dancing and conversating. He wanted to turn away but he's a guy and that overpowered all decency. It was a matter of time though until he got caught. One of the ladies came up to the peephole and poked him in the eye real good while yelling "Pervert!" He would of walked away when the lady started walking to him but he just couldn't stop staring. He fell back and clenched the part of his face where his right eye was. It really hurt.

Nothing could prepare Max for what he would see next. After his eye felt better he walked toward somewhere else. He saw a crowd and ran to it. A murder had taken place. A man was killed a few hours earlier. The corpse had bite marks and tears in the skin on it. The authorities said that it looked a little like a rabid fox got him but it just couldn't be, but whoever or whatever did this murder was responsible for the ones done on many other men who had very similar marks on them. Max Karson thought short but hard on it. He came to the conclusion that the Kitsune Klub might behind it.

He went to his room and packed up his stuff. The Watchman appeared as he did so. "So what did you see Max?" Gordon asked. "By the look on you're face I can tell that something happened." "Men have been murdered and I think that the members of 'The Kistune Klub' have something to do with it," Max answered. "You think the members could be real kistune?" Gordon asked Max. "Most likely, and I'm gonna have to infiltrate their club to find out." This made Gordon happy. "All right, tell me what you need. I'm there." "Nothing yet, but let's hope these Watchmen really are all-purpose." Max finished and checked out and paid for one night. He managed to talk his way out his out of paying for the numerous nights he was going to stay.

After he exited the hotel he found a dark deserted alley where no one would or could see him. He took out the Watchman and pressed a button. Out of it came those gender changing pills. "It's good thing I said 'what the hell'." He swallowed one with the female gender sign on it. Then the changes happened. His body started changing, bones relocating, anatomy reconfiguring itself. Throughtout the transformed he groaned quietly. While the transformation didn't hurt as much as the first time he was turned into a woman, it still hurt and felt weird. He kneeled down. His legs turned into those of a lady's and the rest was falling with it. His crotched shrunk to nothing and felt the female genitalia came in. Then the curves finally took root and his butt and hips reconfigured. While they did his chest was swelling up. He grew very nice-sized boobs and his arms and hands turned into that of a lady's. Finally his face reconfigured and his hair grew long and feminine with curls that looked like Cs that had been pushed leftward to look like Us. He was now Maxine again.

"That was uncomfortable." She got up. "Gordon, is there some kind of 'sew and thread' feature on there?" she asked him. He checked. There was some scissors and a needle and thread the Watchman was holding. "Well I guess I'll get started." Then Gordon thought to himself "I hope I can do this." And he was able to. He made Maxine's shirt show stomach and a little cleavage and stitched up the crotch. "Well it might be a little shoddy but it'll have to do," Maxine said looking at her clothing. She put the Watchman away and went back to the hotel and bought a room for numerous nights. She gave the clerk at the front desk the name "Maiyuki Karu-shen." The clerk was perverted and tried to hit on her but was very unsuccessful. As she walked up ot her room she muttered "Hope they fire that perv." Then she bought a dress and other things, went back to her room and unpacked her stuff again. A package came flying in through the window. The machine carrying it asked for her signature and she signed it using "Max Karson." The thing flew away and she opened the package. In it was an automatic, animatronic fox tail and fox ears. "Perfect."

She put the dress on and panties, high heels, and a bra. She tied her hair in a bun and put on the robotic fox tail and fox ears. Then she looked at herself in a mirror. "What do you think Gordon?" Gordon used a Scouter to look up her dress. "Oh I think you look lovely, heheheh." As Maiyuki turned around she accidentally crushed the Scouter. She picked it up and realized what Gordon was doing so she yelled at him via Watchman "You pervert!" He apologized "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. You know I get less female interaction than you do." Maiyuki shook her head and left. The Watchman hid from sight.

Maiyuki knocked on the front door of the Kitsune Klub. One of the members opened it, welcomed her and let her in. She explained the club to her. They refer to every member as a sister. She asked her "Are you really a kitsune, because you look really American." Maiyuki answered with "I am a kitsune. I just adapted to American life." "All right then, show us your transformation." Luckily she had a trick up her sleeve. She threw a smoke bomb down really fast, then she hid where no one could see her, and in her place she left a small animatronic fox. She repeated these action except she put the fox away and stood in its place. All the other members, except for the one that let her in, told her "Welcome home sister." "Well, it look likes you're a member now." "So when do we get to do our plan?" Maiyuki asked. "Soon, the leader sister is still plotting." Maiyuki thought to herself "Oh well, in the mean time I guess I'm gonna have to mingle."

She saw three girls conversating and decided to join in. Their names were Irushima Hanako, Yatsuho Fumi, Jirofuma Akira . Eventually, club time was over and Maiyuki told her new friends where she was staying. She also told them that she didn't have many clothes so they made a date go clothes shopping. Maiyuki reluctantly agreed. She also asked them before she left "Say what happens to this place after we all leave?" Akira answered "It gets locked up. We don't need a bunch of perverted guys going in here and poking around." When she got in her room Gordon asked her how it was but she answered with "No time, fly over to the club and meet me there." "Can do."

When they were both there she saw the door was locked. She told Gordon "Now send a Scouter to pick the lock." He did so; however, when the Scouter touched the place it shorted out and green barrier was on the place. "Crap, it's protected by magic. Aw damn it, I'm gonna have to just wait until the leader announces her plan." She sighed. "Boy that time is gonna be miserable for me."

The next day after lunchtime Maiyuki, Hanako, Fumi, and Akira bought some new clothes at a mall. Right after they left the mall they spotted a cute guy. "Ooh hey, look at that cute guy," Fumi said. Hanako told Maiyuki "You should totally ask him out." Maiyuki replied "I can't." "Why not?" Akira asked. Maiyuki answered with "Because I... already have one, waiting for me in the US. I'm on vacation." "Oh really?" "What's his name?" "Uhh, Scott." "Well if you ever get the chance show us to him." "I'll be sure to." Later they went to go see Ghost of Girlfriends Past. They all hated. "I usually love romantic comedies, but that one was just no good!" Fumi said. "Yeah, a complete waste of money and a work of bonafide crap," Akira spoke. "I bet a movie with Molly Ringwald as an adult would be better," Hanako said. "What do you think Maiyuki?" She was thinking "Well at least we can agree on something." She turned to them and answered with "You all took the words right out of my mouth." That night they had a sleepover. They talked about subjects that girls normally do during sleepovers and Maiyuki lied to them as best she could without it too degrading.

*time skip to next 2 days at night*

Maiyuki was sitting on her bed in grief. "What's beating you?" Gordon asked. "I've been having so much with Hanako, Fumi, and Akira. I don't get it. Hanging with them shouldn't be fun to me. I'm not a girl," Maiyuki answered. "Well scientifically speaking-" "Zip it." "Well look on the bright side 'Maiyuki', maybe tomorrow their leader will reveal her plan," Gordon told her. "Yeah, maybe," she said.

The next night in the Kitsune Klub, while everyone was conversating the leader sister made an announcement. "Everyone, may I have your attention she asked. Everyone turned to her. "Now as you all know the number of bad, boorish men is infuriating, but I have come up with a way to get rid of them all." This was all Maiyuki needed to hear. Luckily they were all wearing kimonos. She zipped up her jacket underneath all the way to the top, threw the kimono off and swallowed one of the pills that turns her back into a man. Her whole body became covered in a silver water-like liquid that fell to the floor. Max took out a desert eagle, showed his badge and shouted "I am Max Karson Supernatural Detective. And all of you are under arrest." All of the sisters but the leader sister screamed "Aah! We've been found out!" The leader sister told them "Fear not sisters join with me, and together we shall defeat this interloper." They all clung together. The scenery changed. It faded from a club into a plain surrounded by cherry blossoms in bloom and cherry blossom petals falling onto the ground. Yet, no matter how many petals were faling the blossoms retained the same number of petals.

Then a cloud of smoke appeared where the kitsune were and what replaced them was a giant nine-tailed fox. It growled at Max right up in his face. He just had a Max Payne-esque sneer on his face and said "This is gonna be tougher than I thought." Then he lost the sneer.

Max remembered reading though that they are tricksters so it couldn't be very tough to beat them and it wasn't. All they could do in that form was stomp on the ground, slash with their claws, attack with their tails, and bite with their teeth. Max had no problem avoiding these. He shot at them but only the shot to the head did any damage. He then knew that in order to defeat them he'd have to shoot them in several spots. Three shots later they turned into seven blue fireballs touched him. It burned at first but it was more like some sort of cold, frigid burning. Ghost fire. He saw his clothes disappearing from the fire but he realized that it would only burn if he believed it so he thought of something else. The kistune drew back into a giant fox. After that Max's clothes were back to normal and he finished them off. They collapsed and turned into cloud of smoke. Then in the fox's place were all the sisters piled on each other unconscious and the setting returned back to the club.

Max summoned his Watchman and and requested help bringing them in. Him and his help managed to bring them in the SNRA's cells. They had them concealed and if anyone asked they said that they had a wild animal with them. The sisters all shared one big cell. Max went up to them. One of them asked "Can you please let us out?" Another said "We were only trying to do good." Max told them all "Unfortunately you all were being too drastic and you did kill some that didn't deserve it." "Is there any way you drop the charges on us?" one of the sisters asked. Max pondered on this.

Some time later he came up with the thought that when they are out what they can do is that they can still watch for bad boorish men but to have a better definition of it. Any rapist man or guy like Charlie Harper, etc. they could turn into a woman to teach them a lesson. If they decided they liked being a woman and did not learn the lesson then when they really loved it they would turn the person back into a man, the real punishment.

Max told the boss his idea and requested the charges on the Kitsune Klub be dropped. He agreed and they were free to go. Before Max left Japan he paid a visit to the Kitsune Klub and said his good-byes. Hanako, Fumi, and Akira asked him if they were still friends. He told them "Sure, still friends." She shook all their left hands. "But what can we do together?" Fumi asked. "Well when you figure that out you can find the SNRA's number in the phonebook. Just ask for me," Max answered. Then he left. He also gave a note to the clerk in the Cerulean Tower Hotel that had the money that was due in it. He told him "That Maiyuki chick wanted me to give you this" and the note read:
                                     Here's the money I owe you.
                                                        - Maiyuki

The clerk said "If you see that Maiyuki again will put in a good word for me," but he said like the pervert he is. Max was twitching his right eye when he told him "I'll be sure to."

When he was in his quarters in the SNRA he was in grief again. Gordon was there and asked him "It still bugs you?" "Yeah, it just doesn't make any sense." "Max, Max, Max. What you found fun was having time off and being able to mingle with normal people. Well mostly normal. It didn't have anything to do with being a girl," Gordon told him. "Yeah, you're completely right," Max replied. "That's right, you're not one to lose sight of who you are."
If anyone has any idea for what Maiyuki does over the course of those three days someone please tell me.
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SHarles25 Featured By Owner May 21, 2009
Ohhh... To be continue!!

I like the alternative ending ;)
It look like the hero is having question about his own sexuality ^,^
TheRealYuma Featured By Owner May 21, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
That's not how I interpret it. Maxine and Max Karson can only be one in the same so long as he can't decide which he is. So if he chooses to permanently be Maxine then that means that Max was never who he really is and vice versa. And there are numerous possible endings to Max Karson's adventures.
SHarles25 Featured By Owner May 20, 2009
It is sad I am the only one giving comments here :D

I like the end of this, its the american way and most ppl love this.
My best suggestion for the 3 days would be to simply make it the way you did it, but he stayed with the girls and became friends with them..
In fact its what happenned and the time foward was just nice enough to make sure this story keep his actual format ;)
Uncle-Ben Featured By Owner May 20, 2009
The story is getting better. So's your writing style.

The story runs fine as it is. You don't need to add anything to those 3 days unless you are going to foreshadow, drop hints, or do some character development.
TheRealYuma Featured By Owner May 21, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I did want to develop Hanako, Fumi and Akira. And I also did forget to do one other thing.
Uncle-Ben Featured By Owner May 21, 2009
Well, you could, but you don't need to do it all in one story.

You've introduced them ... now write another where they get in touch with him and have their own adventure ... that will develop them.
TheRealYuma Featured By Owner May 22, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Well I know I couldn't do that. I've only got a few more ideas for some of Max's adventures and I can't really make them to how I'd like them to be or as long as I would like them to be. I highly doubt I could make an adventure starring his kitsune friends.
Uncle-Ben Featured By Owner May 24, 2009
Well, I suppose it's all up to you, but I'd imagine that the phrase "crazy like a fox" (or was it "crafty as a fox"?) came for a reason.
SHarles25 Featured By Owner May 6, 2009
I think there is books about Bob Morane's advantures, but it was primary a Comic book and few years later it became an Anime.

Its filled with misteries and actions both at the same time, plus he have several nemesis that always escape form jail sometimes :D
SHarles25 Featured By Owner May 5, 2009
oh, I never readed a stroy of you before!
I like this structure and the way the story go, it reminde me a bit of Bob Morane and all :D
TheRealYuma Featured By Owner May 6, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks. If only I could read the guy's stuff. How good would you say it is?
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