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Sea and Ice - TG

It was World War II and two men were making their way through a Kemaryo Island forest. One was a Navajo, Atsidi Blackfox; the other was a Japanese, Kiyomaro Yukino.

"Hey, Atsidi, thanks again for smuggling me over here."

"Don't thank me, thank the sheer ignorance of our fellow Estadounidenses. I can't believe they actually bought that you are a cousin of mine."

What these two were doing was heading towards a Japanese village to warn everyone of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Atsidi asked, "Hey Kiyomaro, these people aren't any kind of the threat are they?"

Kiyomaro told him, "No, but they are armed and if we don't get to them first they may get slaughtered in self-defense."

"Let's take another look at the map."

Kiyomaro took the map of the island he had and showed it to Atsidi. Kiyomaro said, "If my dad's map is right, and it is, then we must be at least fifteen miles from the village."

"Yeah, and our armed forces are coming this way," Atsidi added as he traced the path with his finger. "So they'll definitely pass through this village. We better pick up the pace."

Kiyomaro nodded. They push forward through the forest, determined to reach their destination.

When they were half of the way there, the came across a most unusual anomaly. There appeared to be a giant serpent blocking their path.

"That has to be fake. A giant serpent, come on," Atsidi said.

"No use debating if it is or not," Kiyomaro said. He went over the beast's side and stroked it. "Gah, it's real alright."

Atsidi moved closer to it and examined. "This is just unnatural. Even with gigantism it couldn't possibly grow to this size."

"How long do you think it is?"

"Who knows, but I'm not-" Atsidi froze.

"What is it?" Kiymaro asked.

"Shush, do you hear that?"

Muffled speech was heard by both of them.

"Yeah, what is that?"

"I can't quite tell but it's coming from... the serpent." Atsidi put his ear to the serpent's side and listened.

A woman's voice said, "Hello, is anyone there?"

"What the hell? Who are you? How did you get in there? What the hell is going on?" Atsidi replied.

"My name is Yuki. The snake ate me. And I'd rather not wait for digestion so can you please get me out of here."

"You think we should?" Atsidi asked with his attention still at the serpent's side.

Kiyomaro tapped his shoulder. "Uh, Atsidi."

"What is it?" He turned around and saw what Kiyomaro saw. The serpent had awoken and started looking at the two like they were its next meal.

The beast lunged its head down at them. They jumped out of they way.

As Atsidi regain his footing he pulled out his two trench knives. "Come and get some," he called out, "I will send you back to Hell vile beast!"

Kiyomaro took out his M1 Carbine and started aiming. "A face that looks slightly human, woman-like. It has few grey strands of hair coming from its head. Why do I feel like I recognize this creature."

The beast looked back and forth between the two, quickly decided to eat Kiyomaro. It lunged toward him.

He fired at its head but none of his bullets did anything. In response, Atsidi thrust one of his trench knives into the serpent's left eye.

It produced a blood-curdling wail as it fell before Kiyomaro. Atsidi walked up to the eye and attempted to remove his trench knife. He couldn't get it out so he went on top of its head and pulled it out, but as he did the serpent got up.

"Oh shit."

The serpent turned its head down causing Atsidi to slide down. It opened its mouth and he grabbed onto its lower jaw. Then it flipped him open and swallowed him.

"You bastard!" Kiyomaro yelled. He started firing at the serpent's underside but that did not do much more than firing at its head.

As Atsidi slid down its esophagus he said, "Oh no you fucking don't!" He stuck one of his knives into the esophagus and thrust the other into it. He thrust the knife several more times.

While Atsidi was doing that Kiymaro aimed for the serpent's eye and fired as it lunged toward him. He hit his mark, forcing it to halt for a moment, but it still was not dead. It resumed its lunge. Kiyomaro fired in the exact same spot, hoping that eventually the force would push the first bullet into its brain.

After six more shots the serpent finally fell. At the same time Atsidi managed to create an opening in its neck. He waited for the right moment as the serpent was falling and jumped out when he saw it.

"It has to be dead now," Kiyomaro spoke.

"Yeah, let's get that woman out now."

They headed toward the source of Yuki's voice and Atsidi proceeded to cut that part open. After the task was complete they finally met her in person. She was beautiful, tall, her face was the white of snow, her black hair reached below her mid-back, her lips were red, and oddly enough, nothing from the serpent was on her.

The two admired her beauty. In response she giggled, "I love getting that response from the men who see me. Would you mind if I ask you two what you are doing here? I have heard of this war and I do believe that two lone soldiers walking around is unusual."

"We need to warn a village of armed innocent people that the U.S. Armed Forces will be coming. That way they can evacuate."

"I see," she looked at them with concern, "I think I can help you two there." She embraced Kiyomaro.

"What the-"

"There, there child. It will be over soon."

A snowstorm surrounded all three of them. The sun was being blocked out and the ground they were on was being covered in snow.

Kiyomaro's skin turned the white of snow, just like Yuki's. His hair flowed down to his mid-back, his chest pushed outward as his uniform turned into a red and yellow kimono exposing ample cleavage. His form became curved as his transformation finished. His butt pushed and rounded out. His man parts went inside, becoming lady parts, and his kimono stretched over his legs and feet while they changed.

"Witch, what have you done t-"

Yuki grabbed Atsidi and transformed him too. His hair flowed down, nearly reaching his butt. His uniform disappeared as his chest pushed out farther than Kiyomaro's, becoming DD-sized breasts. His form became curved as his legs started fusing together, by this point his man parts had turned into lady parts. As his legs fused they became scaly and coated with slime, the tail of a snake.

The two former males had their minds altered.

Yuki told Kiyomaro, "Yukiko, feel free to turn any uniformed men you see come your way into whatever kind of girl you please be it a demi-girl, an anthro animal girl, or even one of us. You shall take to the land, the mountains, the forests."

"Of course Mother," Yukiko said. She left to complete her mission.

Yuki went to Atsidi and told her, "Asdza, you have the same mission as Yukiko, but you shall to the waters, the rivers, the oceans and seas."

"Understood Mistress Yuki," Asdza said.

"Would you like some help?"

"It would be appreciated."

Yuki created a wall of snow that carried Asdza to the nearest river.

All the men that came in their paths were turned into, mothers, sisters, even daughters.
My entry to :iconsireontip:'s contest: Pacific Campaign.

Atsidi means "hammer" in Navajo and Asdza means "woman." Yuki and Yukiko are Yuki-Onna [link] and Asdza is a Ne Hwas [link] and that giant serpent was Kiyohime [link]

Estadounidense means "United Statesian" in Spanish. And they do call us that in Mexico and Spain, and probably other Spanish-speaking countries as well.
SebastiansSire Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
It's alright I suppose but I don't see the reason why they would do that since before the battle many Marines and United States forces would ask for them to surrender. Plus they would know which part of the armed forces they would be apart of either army or marine. Plus they could at most cases tell a US soldiers and other military people Japanese or Native.
TheRealYuma Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
You thinking generally though when the reality is it depended on the commander, and since they were showing concern most likely a sadistic commander and his team would come through that village, right? Also, blame Windtalkers.
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