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Princess Dominique

Dominic was tucked in his bed off in dream land. It was only 9PM, but he felt tired from working most of the day. Once his clock struck 12, its alarm went off and a strange sensation came over him.

His eyes remained closed but his body still moved. He got up and began dancing as if he was in a ballroom. Something odd happened as he twisted and twirled. His hair turned silky and grew longer before the style became a romantic tuck. His head shifted to accommodate a feminine form. His eyebrows became thin and finely trimmed.

He opened his jaw, as if in awe, as his Adam’s apple disappear and his lips pursed and puckered. His broad shoulders turned narrow as this spread down his arms. His body turned thinner and somewhat curvy. Then a pair of B-cup breasts developed on his chest. His manhood was sucked inward and converted inward. Lastly, his legs turned slender as he spun on a single foot, both of which turned dainty.

This phenomenon continued as his, now her, red pajamas shifted in material and moved about as it fused and separated in certain parts. Most of her sleeves relocated to her hands and morphed into white gloves. The main part became a white dress with a knee-length skirt.  Her pant legs separated, turning into white high heels and white pantyhose. Her under turned into panties. A bra appeared on her chest as diamond earrings showed up in her ear lobes. Lastly, lipstick appeared on her lips and blush showed up on her cheeks.

Dominique opened her eyes as she heard a car horn. She went downstairs and out of her house to find a white limo parked outside. The driver told her, “It’s time to go princess.”

The new Princess Dominique enter the limo and headed to her Midnight Christmas Ball. It was everything she ever dreamed of.
My entry to :iconthe-tg-society:'s Secret Santa event. Merry Christmas dominic-jpw7702 I hope you like this story.
If You Can Fav. . . 
Thanks, it is great, do you have a reference picture?
TheRealYuma Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome. No.
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December 25, 2016
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