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Witch At The Mall - TG

Yuma was scoping out an abandoned mall with his binoculars, looking for a target. Out in the distance he saw Shoubu coming his way.

"Gonna need a disguise if I want to make this fight fair," he thought.

He looked around a found a store called "The Chieftain's Hut" behind him. He went inside and found a bunch of generic stuff, though he did manage to find a kachina mask and a cloak. After he put them on he headed towards Shoubu.

When he was close to him he said, while disguising his voice, "Hey, you're Shoubu."

Shoubu replied with, "And you are?"

"Oh nobody really. Just a man in strange wear."

Shoubu just started to walk away, but Yuma followed and was a ahead of him by a few centimeters.

"Look, are you okay? Do you need something?" Shoubu asked.

"Am I okay? Do I need something?" Yuma clapped his hands under his cloak and continued. "Actually, now that you mention it," he touched Shoubu and transmuted his cores, "I need this fight to be fairer."

Shoubu jumped back. "What the hell? What did you do?"

Yuma took off his mask and said, "Just turn those cores of yours into a light-show." He took out a 2x4 and transmute it and the mask into a maquahuitl with sharp clay edges instead of obsidian.

Shoubu revealed his twin fist blades and said, "You better be ready to lose this battle."

He slashed at Yuma, who dodged and hit him with the maquahuitl. It didn't a whole lot, but it still managed to irritate Shoubu. He strike at him with both blades but he used his maquahuitl to take the hit. Then he kicked Shoubu in the stomach, and transmuted the ground. The wood and clay became fused with the ground, preventing him from getting up.

Yuma took off his cloak, took out a chainsaw, and started it.

"A freaking chainsaw!? Are you crazy?"

Yuma just spoke, "Who's laughing now?" He attacked Shoubu with his weapon. "Who's laughing now?" After he was done he turned it off and put it away.

Shoubu couldn't believe nothing happened to him. The wood-clay fused floor detransmutated. He got up and said, "Nothing?"

"I don't go 'Ash Williams' for nothing." Yuma pointed at Shoubu's chest. There were two round bumps that weren't there before. In fact, his shape started getting more and more feminine, right up to the point where his whole body looked like a girl's.

Then Yuma threw a small rock at Shoubu's helmet. It cracked and slipt apart, along with her suit and cloak, revealing that she had become a woman with: gray skin, long blond hair, blood on her hands, and no clothes besides a skimpy bra and panties. She had become a fanboy version of The Witch.

Yuma's last words to her, before leaving, were "Be glad I made you the fanboy version and not the real version. You get to keep your sanity."
My entry, or perhaps would-be entry, to :icondarknessking8:'s TF Reality. Not too sure if it's still active, so the only other purpose of this is to sport an Evil Dead reference. :iconashplz: Btw, here's the fanboy version of The Witch [link]
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rock on dude
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