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Name: Yuna Thundermoon

Age: 24

Height: 5 ft 11 in

Race: Human (Apache), Werewolf, Merfolk, Wolf Spirit, Succubus

Cup size (letter only): EE

Eye color: glowy yellow

Hair length: Medium long

Hair color: Almost black green (raven colored in human form)

Skin tone: mahogany

- hand-to-hand combatant on par with Yuma
- Naturally strong magical abilities comparable to Lozen
- Great Wolf Form (she has no visible ears on the sides of his head, wolf ears are on the top of her head, a white aura flows around him, her spirit power increases in this form by so much that it flows out of, and around, her body)



Occupation: part-time lifeguard

Personality: loyal, affectionate, outgoing, kind

Living relatives: Yuma (brother; born of the same mother, but created by different fathers), Lozen (sister), Nilche Lizhen Thundermoon (sister), Lilith (adoptive sister), Lilian Thundermoon (mother), Shiichoo (grandmother; deceased), Sebastian Sire (spiritual brother), Sebastiana Sire (spiritual sister), Nalin (distant cousin)

Friends: Andrew, Ben, Róise

Short bio: Yuma was a cursed boy. Long ago, the demon Desumantisu placed a curse one of his ancestors. "The 'chief's son' in your bloodline shall inherit the form of a beast." He managed to make a deal with Yi-na-yes-gon-i, though the curse could not be completely lifted. Instead it was changed so that every time a name was spoken the 'chief's son' would instead change into a less disturbing form. One day in Yuma's life when he visited Andrew, who spoke Yuna instead of Yuma, he was changed into this form.

They went to Morty's Spell Book where they learned of this curse and attempt to remove it. It didn't work, for nothing could break the deal that was struck so long ago, so the trigger that would return Yuna to Yuma was changed from the Prayer to Yi-na-yes-gon-i to "Yuma" being spoken three times. The next morning Yuna was changed back to Yuma and it was learned that Yuna was also a sort of, alternate personality. However, should Yuna be spoken Yuma will turn into her again.

Andrew decided to turn Yuma into Yuna once again because he told her that she would come back. This time however, she was in heat. Luckily, Yuma's grandmother and Róise came to Andrew's house, and the faerie turned Yuna into a human in a yellow dress. There she revealed that one of Yuma's ancestors had been cursed by a demon. The curse was that "the chief's son," would be born a demon that would bring about the end of the world. He turned to Yi-na-yes-gon-i who made changed the curse so that Yuma, whose name means "chief's son," would still be born a human. However, should someone say the name "Yuna," the name the demon chose for the descendant, he would be turned into a female werewolf.

After that explanation, Róise and Yuma's grandmother went back to their house and Yuna spent the day with Andrew as a human. The next morning, Yuna was back to being Yuma and his grandmother revealed to him that she knew about the curse all along, and that his parents learned of it when they listed Yuna as a name to give a girl, so Yuma was turned into a werewolf in the womb. He changed back thanks to his grandmother using the old method. His parents told him that his great-grandfather's feats were just stories because they wanted a normal life for him.

Yuma and Sire traveled to Mexico to fight the demon that cursed Yuma in the first place, Desumantisu. Together they vanquished it, separating Yuna and Yuma forever. However, when those two got back home, they found Shiichoo dead. Yuma immediately resorted to necromancy while Yuna sent Róise to find Sire. He managed to snap Yuma back to his sense. After the funeral, Yuma and Yuna revealed everything to their dead parents.

They went to a forest where the spirits of the dead show themselves. There, they learned from two relatives that the females in the family are the ones that can use magic, and that the first one in the lineage is a wolf spirit, which allows them to go into Great Wolf form. From then on, it was decided that Róise would teach Yuna and Lozen how to use their magic powers.

Later in the next year, Yuma lost a bet and so he had to become Lozen and spend some time on the beach with Yuna and Róise, who turned herself into a human. They went to investigate a mysterious voice they heard while Róise saved their spot. They transformed into mermaids after diving in the water. They found distant relatives, learned that a merfolk ancestor took to land, and of the Voice of the Ocean. Back at home, Yuma’s phobia of being turned into a girl was revealed. All of his friends and Yuna vowed they would help him overcome this.

At age 23, she and Yuma met their succubus great-grandmother, who was there to stay. She immediately accepted her demon heritage.

She went to a club with Lozen and Rose (Ben's female form). Lozen got drunk and had a hangover the next morning. She conducted a favor for her sister. She went over to their parents' house and found records that proved they had an older sister that their parents presumed dead. Nilche Lizhen was their sister who had been kidnapped as a baby and converted into a vampire.

Lozen with Yuna, Nilche Lizhen, and Lilith (a Honduran fruit bat-turned-human), met up with the merfolk relatives. Although Lozen had fun, she was not over her phobia. So, a discussion with her great-grandmother caused her to accept this form of hers. She no longer feared being permanently transformed into a woman. Yuna finallly saw in her eyes the sister she always wanted, minus the whole "female form of my brother" thing.
Here it is, Yuna's profile at last. Here's her human form:… Here's her werewolf form:…

Call Me Yuna:…
Heat TG Part 1:…
Heat TG Part 2:…
Something Worse:…

Andrew belongs to :iconmalagua:
Ben belongs to :iconbenwolf0:
Sebastian and Sebastiana Sire belong to :iconsebastianssire:
Everyone else belongs to me.
Kmon13 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015  Student Artist
Well I was looking for your character after she was recently featured in something :iconsebastianssire: recently done and wanted to find out more about her . 
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Cool, thanks.
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